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Debido a varios problemas con mi anterior, este Journal sera de ahora en adelante solo para amigos, gracias por su comprension.

Si Odias a Los JYJ y Ayumi Hamasaki y/ó amas a AKB48/SKE48/SDN48, los Johnnys, L'Arc~En~Ciel, Kumi Koda y Idols en general, eres libre de dejar un comentario para ser añadido a mi lista de amigos, te advierto que aqui solo vas a encontrar a un tipo traumado, medio Psicotico, Melomano, y que se siente bordado por los dioses, pero que es divertido.

If you hate the JYJ and Ayumi Hamasaki and/or  you love AKB48/SKE48/SDN48, the Johnnys, L'Arc~En~Ciel, Kumi Koda & the all the idols, you are free to leave a Comment and being added to my friendlist, thought I have to warn you, here you will only find a Traumatized, somewhat Psychotic, Melomane & a little snobbish guy, who still manages to be funny.
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Here's My wishlist~

1.- To be, To be, Ten made To Be (CD Single + Video + Special goods) Limited Edition Single (I already have the dvd version without the T-shirt.)
Yume Monogatari (Sticker Trading Card + Booklet) Limited Edition Single
2wenty 2wo CD  (Photo Book + Poster Package)(Poster Size:73cm X 50cm) Limited Edition Album
Kamen / Mirai Kokai (36-page booklet + ONE PIECE stickers) Limited Edition Single
5.- Venus (Deluxe Version with Phone Strap) Limited Edition Single
Ho! Summer (Jacket B) Limited Edition Single
Tsubasa Imai 1st tour 23 to 24 + Exclusive Strap
8.- Tsubacon DVD with goods
9.- Hatachi de Debut Concert Giants Hits with All Johnnys Jr. DVD

Mostly they are Old Super Rare Things, 'couse I can buy the regular editions rgiht now, I'm a true TakkiTsuba Collector XDU

Perfume Guy

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  • Вт, 04:01: the saddest thing i've ever heard is Yukirin singing mushi no ballad, gurl please, song is too epic for you.
  • Вт, 06:14: People always speak about love, but they really never tell you how powerful it is until you feel it for yourself.
  • Вт, 22:11: If i'm honest Renai Kinshi Jorei >>>>>> Mokugekisha.
  • Вт, 22:15: but i actually love reset and Saka Agari, i can't decide which i like more...