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Ryocchi Monogatari

Chapter II: New Beginning

5 September 1984
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About Me
I`m a Mexican Guy who loves to randomize all the time, sometimes it just flows out of me, I'm 26, some into anime some into marvel comics, but what I'm really into is music, specially k-pop, j-pop I love it with all my soul, I'm an easy approachable guy, sometimes I do start the day thinking about one thing and end it up thinking about the same thing, sometimes I can't think about anything more than 5 seconds.
AKB48, SKE48, SDN48, Hello!Project, Koda Kumi, Johnnys Jimusho, Tenimyu, Kpop, Jpop, Sailor Moon, Aki-san, bitching, reading, laughing and singing.
JYJ, uverfans, closed minded people, psycho fangirls (kowai), people who can't do anything without help, Ayumi Hamasaki, Girls who sleeps with my Johnnys etc.
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